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Planning to complete her PhD around her love for volcanoes, a short term contract at Beca lead Sian to discover a whole other side of geology she enjoyed more.

Given the opportunity to learn groundwater modelling in her first year at Beca, Sian discovered a love for projects that could benefit the country.

Initially working on development of groundwater for drinking supply, Sian is now focussed on understanding how groundwater interacts with soil and structures.

She’s used this knowledge to help identify and manage risks and opportunities during design and construction on some of Auckland’s major infrastructure projects – Victoria Park Tunnel, New Lynn Rail Trench and the Waterview Connection Tunnels to name a few. And it’s her work on the Waterview project that has recently put Sian in the spotlight – in 2017 she took out the Outstanding Achievement in Design award at the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Awards.

Outside of work you’ll find Sian travelling, where she’s well known amongst family and friends for ‘geeking it up’ and pre-researching geology before she arrives.

With opportunities to work on large scale projects where it’s possible for everyone to have a tangible input, Sian is set to continue taking on the world of hydrogeology.

Really it’s the people; the range of industry leaders and mentors you can learn and take support from – knowing you have their backing and support gives you the confidence to step up.

Sian France,

Technical Director - Hydrogeology