Technology is influencing almost every aspect of our lives and the healthcare industry is no stranger to digital innovation.
With rising healthcare costs, higher workload on medical professionals and a global skills shortage, growing expectations around patient experience, and a shift towards disease prediction and early intervention, hospitals are having to rethink how they operate to meet current and future demands.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has put pressure on health systems all over the world, it has also accelerated the adoption of digital solutions, such as telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, to adapt to this quickly-evolving environment.

At Beca, we recognise that the focus needs to be on the integration of new digital technologies with traditional hospital services to create distributed healthcare ecosystems that are flexible and adaptable to different scenarios.

Make Everyday Better

We’re here to make everyday better by connecting your hospital infrastructure, operations, people and processes. We can help you to transform your physical world into an integrated digital ecosystem tailored to enhance patient engagement, improve community healthcare outcomes and reduce cost.

Digital Integration

Digital connectivity within the hospital and across the healthcare ecosystem will enable healthcare professionals within the ecosystem to have access to comprehensive and accurate patient data, seamless and secure data exchange, scalable and secure data storage and the flexibility to enable rapid adoption of emerging technologies.

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Smart Buildings

Hospital buildings have a significant impact on the healthcare environment for staff and patients. We can incorporate a comprehensive suite of sensors to generate the data required for intelligent control and optimisation of your building performance, and provide capable ICT infrastructure that delivers secure, reliable, and scalable data communications across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

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Data and Insights

Data is a critical enabler of improved healthcare outcomes. Having real-time access to health records enables medical professionals to make better clinical decisions and provide timely care to patients. Our sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications can also help improve efficiency, reduce medical errors and operating cost, plan for emergencies, and respond effectively to changing community healthcare requirements.

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Healthcare digital twins

Digital twins offer great promise in the healthcare segment, far beyond the potential to optimise the operation of physical assets and processes. Through the power of low-cost sensors, mobile computing, terrestrial wireless communications, computer vision and AI/ML, the possibility to accurately simulate systems within the human body is an emerging reality.

Cyber risk

The rapid adoption of operational technology (OT) opens up new potential for cyber risk. By understanding your technology and its risk profile, we can help you create a long-term vision for your organisation and develop a roadmap to achieve it. Adopting Systems Engineering can protect and strengthen your defenses in an increasingly connected world.  


Improve healthcare delivery through the use of automation technologies. Using computers for manual or administrative tasks and employing machines or robots to perform repetitive or complex processes can offer significant benefits including minimising errors and freeing up hospital staff to focus on patient-centric activities (listening, thinking, and caring).

Community and engagement

Transform your patient engagement with artificial intelligence. Our tool makes it possible to access outpatient care without the need to travel to the hospital, by facilitating personalised remote consultations using AI.

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