Uttarakhand recruits English computer scientists for public schools – the New Indian Express

DEHRADUN: The government of Uttarakhand intends to recruit English and computer experts in every public school in the state to strengthen students in both subjects. Banshidhar Tiwari, Director General of Education, said: “This will allow public school students to overcome the hesitations they face in English and computer science.

“This will create more than 30,000 job opportunities in the state,” he added. The state government is also considering amalgamating 1,500 schools with other schools. This decision aims to provide better resources for students and teachers.

Ramakrishna Uniyal, Director of Basic Education, Uttarakhand, said: “This decision will create better facilities and infrastructure for students and teachers. This is an ongoing process that will soon be implemented.
On July 31, the Uttarakhand State Department of Education released a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for opening schools, including private and public, day schools and boarding schools.

A nodal officer has been appointed on staff to monitor social distancing, disinfection and other Covid -19 safety standards in schools. Pupils in boarding schools, as well as day schools, are only allowed after obtaining written permission from their parents / guardians within three days of the opening of the schools.

The SOP also states that in the event of a higher number of students, a hybrid education model should be implemented. The SOP includes instructions for vaccinating teachers and staff before entering residential schools as well as ensuring social distancing.

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