New Brunswick delays back-to-school schedule in person

At Friday’s COVID-19 press conference, New Brunswick Education Minister Dominic Cardy announced a change to the back-to-school schedule.

“We have had to, once again, pivot our strategy as COVID-19 has adjusted and evolved,” Cardy said.

Pupils in preschools through 12 were scheduled to return to class on January 10, but they will now be learning at home from January 11 to at least January 21. This decision will be reassessed on January 17.

“This situation is far from ideal. Face-to-face learning is more effective for most students and students rely on the services and programs offered by schools to help support their mental health, provide food security and a myriad of other supports, ”he said. Cardy said.

“This is going to have an impact on our at-risk and vulnerable students, so we’ll be working with schools to look at what supports we may be able to provide so that affected students and families receive more information next week.” “

Students who have received rapid test kits in their schools are advised not to use the kits, unless they become symptomatic, until there is a confirmed return-to-school date.


Cardy said the province will provide financial support programs for early childhood education institutions to support safe and healthy learning and child care.

“This will include an additional $ 200 per month, per educator, retroactive to December 1 of this year, which will continue until March 31 of next year. And, an amount of $ 50, per place, per month, which will be provided to all centers operating under level 2 or 3 of the winter plan. It starts tomorrow, January 1 and will run until March 31, ”Cardy said.

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