Flagler Schools first semester ends with music, fun and community

Flagler Schools is now in our winter break and we hope everyone has a safe and happy vacation. Students return to class and to the start of the second semester on Wednesday January 5th. Here is a brief overview of the activities that took place on some of our campuses at the end of the first semester.

Bunnell Primary School

The BES Cheer Pups performed at the Central Park Starlight Festival in Palm Coast City and received the award for Best Walking Unit. The students worked hard on their routine which helped them perform the best ever! Bullpup Cheer trains every week after school with Ms. Koegler and Ms. Ricks.

Buddy Taylor College

Our first dance of the year was a success! Over 900 students qualified to participate by completing the term without any referrals. Students were able to use their PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) points to purchase their tickets to the dance. The winter wonderland themed dance had a local DJ, games outside, and a ton of fun!

Our BTMS Band program hosted students from the nearby Wadsworth Primary School. They were able to attend a practice with Ms. Seth and see all of the great opportunities available in our growing group program.

Indian Trails College

ITMS recently completed its annual canning drive in partnership with Flagler’s Grace Food Pantry. Operation Mustang graduation students collected over 1,400 cans and dry foods. Ms. Haibon’s class collected the most cans of any class and will be awarded a donut party in January. Staff members Melinda Myles and Renea coordinated the collection. All donations will benefit Flagler families in need.

The participants in PFC's “Dinner with Santa Claus”.

Flagler-Palm Coast High School

Our SGA brought back a popular celebration this year, honoring staff and students each month with the “Dude, Be Nice” award. This month, Ms. Mulvihill and Izzy Colindres were nominated by their peers and celebrated during the course with SGA.

Speaking of our SGA, once again our SGA students hosted a “Dinner with Santa Claus”. It is still one of our most popular community events. Thanks to the students who helped organize the event and to the families who stopped by to see our favorite Jolly Old Elf! Special thanks to all of our favorite fairytale princesses who made an appearance.

Matanzas High School

The Matanzas High School National Honor Society worked quickly to organize a collection of supplies for the victims of the tornadoes that ravaged the central United States a few weeks ago.

MHS has a connection to a family who works at an elementary school in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They will be there to bring all the supplies we collect to the school and families in this community. Many of these families are in hotels and therefore do not have access to their washing machines and kitchens.

Some of the items collected were: mittens, gloves, scarves and hats, Clorox wipes, new socks, diapers, school supplies and toys for Christmas.

Parents watch Rymfire Elementary students explain science projects.

Rymfire Primary School

We had a great science evening on our campus a few weeks ago! Our RES staff were able to show the JOY of science with hands-on experiences. This evening is always a great opportunity for families to come together and let the children teach their parents! Some of the more popular events were “Egg Drop” and “Build a Snowman”. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Flagler Schools

Finally, we would like to congratulate all of our teachers and employees of the year. They are all great representatives of their schools and departments. On January 20, Flagler Schools will nominate our District Teacher of the Year and District Employee of the Year at our celebration gala. The public is invited to attend. Look for more information in the coming weeks!

Teacher of the Year, Elementary Schools: Bunnell, Svetlana Panameno; Belle Terre, Natalie Muldoon; Old Kings, Caitlin Hall; Rymfire, Robert Cerasi; and Wadsworth, Susan Bryant. Colleges: Buddy Taylor, Katie Acosta; Indian trails, Beth Blumengarten. High schools: Flagler-Palm Coast, Jim Gambone; Matanzas, Nancy Snell. iFlagler, Cami Brocksmith. Flagler Technical College, Dawn Lord.

Employee of the Year, Elementary Schools: Bunnell, Natalie Wiltsie; Belle Terre, Ashley Demaio; Old Kings, Sarah Herr; Rymfire, Lauren Walsh-Rami; Wadsworth, Pete Russo. Colleges: Buddy Taylor, Pat King; Indian Trails, Kim Turner. Secondary schools: Flagler-Palm Coast, Fetu Kilona-Kalawaianui; Matanzas, Janel Walker; iFlagler, Nancy Gillotti. Childcare services, Nino DeCastro. Food / Nutrition Services, Judy Gallo. Flagler Technical College, Jeanne Elliott. Government Services Building, Deivys Crispino. Factory Services, Clint Chinn. Technology / MIS, Angela Coates. Transport, James Egan.

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