Brockton student arrested after bringing gun to high school – CBS Boston

BROCKTON (CBS) – Brockton Police arrested a high school student on Friday morning after saying he brought a gun there.

Brockton Schools Superintendent Michael Thomas said the gun was never shown and the incident started when students told a teacher about it.

“Some students reported to a teacher that they had heard that another student had a gun. They immediately reported it to a teacher. The teacher immediately reported it to (principal) Dr (Clifford) Murray. The student was escorted to the office and that’s when the gun was found in a bag, ”Thomas told reporters at a press conference.

The unidentified student was then taken from the school by the police at around 11 a.m. Thomas said he did not know if the gun was loaded.

No one was injured and the ministry said no threats had been made. There is no word on the age of the pupil yet.

Thomas said they are well trained for incidents like this.

“It was dealt with quickly, safely and there was never an active threat,” he said.

Police outside Brockton High School on Friday after a student with a gun was kidnapped. (WBZ-TV)

Police issued a “stay-in-place order” so that they can sweep the school as a precaution. It ended around 11:30 a.m.

The buses were brought in early and the students were dismissed for the day at noon. All extracurricular activities have been canceled.

The incident came a day after a Brockton police officer was shot four times in a separate incident. This officer was released from the hospital on Friday.

“The situation last night did not play into my decision” to fire the students early on Friday, Thomas said.

Brockton has one of the largest public high schools in the area with 4,000 students and 500 staff.

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