January 25, 2018

Welcome Speech WAA President


Dr. Trina Chavez-Reyes, Batch '94

Dr. Trina Chavez-Reyes, Batch ’94

Welcome home my Woodrose sisters!  We are gathered here today to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our alma mater, Woodrose.  Seeing the red-brick walls, polished marble floors, the now mature trees, inhaling the fresh Alabang air, one can’t help but remember not so long ago when we were running around carefree in our red and blue plaid skirt and white top uniforms, black shoes and white socks, our growing-up and formative years and our silly and sometimes rebellious teen-age years.

We gaze at the buildings and classrooms where our early learning was honed by beloved and dedicated teachers who have left a lasting imprint on our intellectual growth, the greenery of our surroundings where we cultivated friendships with classmates who have, through the years, become more than cherished friends, some of them now godparents to our own children.

Woodrose, through our teachers, tutors, confessors, hand in hand with our parents shaped our spiritual and moral values, our core, our foundation, before we set out to face the real world to pursue our dreams, our challenges, careers and professions.

The Woodrose Alumnae Association or WAA was established 19 years ago to promote a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship between Woodrose School and its alumnae.  It seeks to foster among its members continuing personal development programs on womanhood in the family and society and sponsor fund-raising activities, proceeds of which support the Binhi Scholarship Fund where children of the Woodrose Auxiliary Staff receive financial assistance, giving them and their families a better quality of life through educational opportunities.

As early as April 2016 our relentless, indefatigable PE teacher and Woodrose alumna Ms. Sarah de Mesa (aka Bubbles) would fly to Manila from Singapore where she is now based, to call and follow-up a core group of Woodrose alumnae to help kick-off a Woodrose Ruby Anniversary celebration.  To commemorate the milestone, presented to the group was a plan to raise funds for a new high school building to meet the needs of the growing school population.  After months of planning and brain-storming, camaraderie and fellowship, our more senior alumnae proposed that each batch of graduates raise a target amount of P400,000.  Among the series of fund-raising events lined up were Shop for a Cause, garage sale, movie premiere, stage musical, bingo, art sale, music festival, cocktails and comedy, dinner-dance, etc.  On this Ruby Anniversary, we reflect and ask ourselves:  How do we give back and show appreciation for our blessings?  How do we create a support system in this community of learning?  How can we be catalysts for growth and development in a spirit of sharing?

As in any organization we are beset with a look-see attitude, of some of us watching in the sidelines.  Now is the time to establish a connection, a collective direction.  Yes, we will see the new high school building rise up.  This shall be our legacy to the future generation of young girls who seek to leave their mark in society through positive change; of facing up to the challenges of a rapidly demanding and competitive culture of modernization and development which require upgraded skills and learning tools.

Later, we will see how each batch fared in their fund-raising activities to reach the P400,000 quota per batch.

As a reminder, we are called upon to come home to Woodrose every 3rd Saturday of November, our Homecoming Day.  Mark this in your calendar as it shall be the beginning of a tradition.

To everyone who contributed their time, money and resources to ensure the success of our Woodrose Ruby Anniversary celebration, thank you so much and may God bless you a hundred-fold!


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