On November 15, 1997, a number of Woodrose graduates got together at the home of Milette Dizon-Lorenzo ’86 to found the Woodrose Alumnae Association. Among those who attended were Bubbles de Mesa ’84, Marilen Gonzalez-Elizalde ’84, Rosanna Leveriza ’84, Angelette Calero ’86, Tippie Corcuera-Olivares ’86, Leah Puyat ’86, Mia Puyat-Leonor ’86, Pauline Calero-Eizmendi ’87, Marianne Arcenas-Santos ’88 and Mylene Pineda-Mapa ’88. The group decided to register the association as a non-stock, non-profit organization, legally independent from Woodrose School, but interdependent in purpose. The first set of officers was composed of Marilen Gonzalez-Elizalde as president, Tippie Corcuera-Olivares as vice-president, Rosanna Leveriza as secretary, Milette Dizon-Lorenzo as Treasurer, and Bubbles de Mesa as PRO.

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