March 26, 2015

The Seeds We Sow

By Criselda San, Class of 1996

To light a path, to lighten a load, to lift others to places higher than they ever thought they could go –  that is service. It is in this spirit of service that the Woodrose Alumnae Association created the BINHI Scholarship Fund which aims to provide education to deserving yet underprivileged children.

Binhi means “seed.” In each seed lies potential, the promise of life. Likewise, each BINHI scholar represents more than their own abilities and ambitions but also the dreams and hopes of their parents. Each BINHI scholar is a seed ready to be nurtured and eager to grow through the charity of others.

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It is often said that charity begins at home. So it is with BINHI. Woodrose alumnae recognized the fact that much of what they received from their second home, PAREF Woodrose School, was made possible by the dedication and sacrifice of the auxiliary staff, the men and women who tirelessly maintained the school facilities. It was out of gratitude to them that the Woodrose Alumnae Association founded BINHI. BINHI was more than just another charitable project; it was a message. BINHI was a message to the auxiliary staff: “Your selfless giving was neither unnoticed nor unappreciated.” It was also a message to BINHI’s beneficiaries, the children of the auxiliary staff: “You can be and do more. Reach higher; aim farther.”


This message resonates in the heart of Manilyn Concha, a BINHI Scholar who worked as a secretary in PAREF Woodrose School after graduating from college. “Before, I used to be content with grades that were either average or barely passing. BINHI made me realize that I can do much better, that I can excel not just in school but in the world.” The confidence she gained is echoed by another BINHI scholar, Hazel Villaruel, who says that, “I realized that the scholarship is an opportunity which is not given to everybody.” With confidence came determination and clarity. “BINHI made me more focused on the things that I really want and the kind of life that I want to have.” The kind of life Hazel wants to lead is one of service. She is now a teacher in PAREF Rosemont School. And so the cycle of giving and receiving continues.

In Manilyn and Hazel, the dreams of their parents are realized. But there are more dreams still waiting to become reality. There are currently BINHI scholars in preschool, grade school, high school and college – young minds and hearts still inching their way towards the sun. While the scholarship may directly benefit the children of Woodrose auxiliary staff, these scholars are given, through their education, the tools to serve others, to serve their nation, and to become useful hands in moving the world in a better direction.

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If you wish to sponsor a child for one year, one semester, one quarter, or one month, please contact the Alumnae Affairs Office.  Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference in the huge task of educating the underprivileged.

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