August 24, 2015

Proudly Woodrose Made

Pebbles Barretto-Nolasco ’93, stay-at-home wife and mother, has taken up a new pursuit – the Whimsy Palette. It is not only her first project as a new publisher, it is also the first locally produced adult coloring book!

With her 3 kids (including a daughter studying in Woodrose) quite grown and demanding less attention from her, Pebbles found herself having more free time. She thought of starting a small business from home that she was interested in. She took inspiration from the coloring book craze in the US and upon searching the web and the local bookstores, found that there are no local adult coloring books available here in Manila. With this in mind, she collaborated with four fresh Woodrose graduates from Batch 2015: her niece Bella Viaplana (daughter of her sister Mia Barretto-Viaplana ’90), Andie Villarosa, Gabby Macatulad, and Nikola Lacson. The four girls have been close friends since their grade school years in Woodrose. They enthusiastically worked on this project together with Pebbles as their one last hurrah before leaving for university in August. Nikola and Gabby are going to Ateneo de Manila, Bella is going to UP Diliman, while Andie is leaving for the University of Navarre in Spain. Their artworks capture the bond of their long time friendship, which they hope will inspire others to look back on their own fondest memories.

whimsy 01b

Pebbles with her daughter, Carmen

whimsy 02

Andie, Bella, Gabby, and Nikola

According to Pebbles, the Whimsy Palette, a collection of 40 assorted illustrations, has helped those who use it to de-stress, relax, and be creative all at the same time. It has also kept them and their kids away from all the noise of technology.

whimsy 03

Check out the Facebook Page: Whimsy Palette and Instagram Page: whimsy_palette.

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