Whether you’re looking for leadership opportunities, making a difference, or a chance to join in the fun, the Woodrose Alumnae Association offers you many ways to get involved with your alma mater. The work of volunteers makes possible the success of many important projects both at WAA and at Woodrose School. In addition, WAA has tie ups with personal formation programs to benefit your life and keep you connected. For more information, Please contact the Alumnae Affairs Office.

Homecoming & Class Reunions

Catch up with classmates of old. Help organize your batch for class reunions or for the alumnae homecoming, which is traditionally hosted by the 25th Jubilarians.

Outreach Projects

To whom much is given, much is also expected. Help organize socio-civic projects for the benefit of the less privileged.

Class Reps

Volunteer to serve as a liaison between your batch and the WAA and organize working committees for the different alumnae activities.

Website Editorial Team

Do you want to be part of this site’s editorial team? Drop us a line. We’d be more than happy to have you on board!

Fundraising Initiatives

The need is real and your support is crucial to provide benefits to society. Participate in fundraising events or make a gift to any of the following causes:

  • BINHI Scholarship Fund
  • Medical-Dental Mission
  • Woodrose Teacher Development Fund
  • School Facilities Improvement
  • Friends of Woodrose Foundation
  • Emergency Assistance for calamity victims


As an alumna, you are an invaluable asset not just to the school, but also to today’s students. Be a resource speaker and provide college and career advice in the High School Career Orientation Seminars, or be an online-mentor by corresponding with today’s students via e-mail to answer their specific concerns (i.e. college application procedures in the Philippines and/or abroad, etc.). You may also arrange tours of different job sites in your companies or provide apprenticeships to help in course selection. Or you may offer academic tutorial services to students in High School as well as Grade School.

Family Day

This annual school tradition is always much-anticipated.  Support your team by catching the cheer dancing competition and joining the alumnae activities lined up for the day.

Eucharistic Procession

Join the entire school community in honoring Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament by laying a 725-ft long floral carpet, done by hand, using a variety of fresh flowers and multicolored sawdust. The area assigned to the alumnae is near the chapel, which is the starting point of the procession.  This special day is a beautiful reminder to us to always follow the path that brings us closer to God.