January 15, 2018

Message from the Executive Director

Woodrose@40 Dr

Dr. Severina M. Villegas

This grand homecoming is the peak of our 40th anniversary celebration.  I surmise that upon entering Gate 5, memories of your school life came into play.  Each one has stories to share…stories that speak about sense of wonder in learning, your journey with your mentors, sportsmanship exhibited during your intrams, the language of hope you have whispered to the poor children and parents nearby, the spiritual guidance tirelessly given by our beloved late Father Guzman, Father Lisa, and the rest are to be written in your autobiography.  Your stories are part and parcel of how you are now and your personal trajectory.

On the part of Woodrose as an educational institution, we also have stories to share which have a prologue characterized by a great dream passed on to us by St. Josemaria. He inspired us through his words: dream and your dreams will fall short!  How we evolved as captured by the exhibit outside this multi-purpose hall says it all!

 Let me end by saying thank you, we are sorry, and continue helping us…

  1. Thank you for the invaluable support you have given us;
  2. We are sorry for whatever we have done that may have hurt you during your school life. You could fill in the blanks: we could have been less dogmatic and thus less judgmental and more open-minded, more understanding.  We have learned so much from you.  Tell us more what we can still improve on.
  3. Continue helping us…in what way? We need teachers in History, Literature, Science, Economics, Business Management.  Share your expertise with our young learners.  We need mentors.  You can be our effective mentors.  We need more students.  Behind each new student is a new family we are reaching out to.  You cannot imagine how happy we are to have more children of our alumnae enrolled in Woodrose.

Let this be a refrain within our 40th year anniversary: thank you, sorry, and help us! We learned this refrain from Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, the first successor of St. Josemaria.  

 Happy 40th anniversary to all of us!


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