Instant loans for bad credit online -Small loans online bad credit $1000

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Small loans online bad credit $1000

If you are not lucky to apply for bank loans, then we have a different offer for you. These are small loans online bad credit from the site. This financial company offers loans from 1000 USD up to 500 000 USD. You can borrow money for up to 7 years here, and you do not pay any upfront fees or any loan approval or maintenance fees. The only things to repay on this non-bank loan are regular repayments and interest. What’s more, if your bank declined to ask for money, here’s your chance to raise money!

You can choose the maturity period yourself according to your preference. The minimum maturity of this non-bank loan is 5 months. Then you can borrow the money for a maximum of 84 months (maximum 7 years).

The big advantage of this non-bank loan is that you do not pay any loan approval fee. While at the bank (or other non-banking companies) they normally ask for a loan approval fee of 1% of how much you borrow, at Lite lending company it is free of charge.

Non-bank loans are also free of charge. Most banks normally charge an annual fee for credit management, which ranges from USD 600 to USD 1800 (ie USD 50 – 150 per month). However, there is no such fee for the lending company. You only pay the agreed loan installments according to the repayment schedule.

Who can borrow money and what are the conditions?


The conditions for obtaining this non-bank loan are relatively simple. As elsewhere, the money applicant must submit identity documents. Two documents are required – a citizen and a second document to prove the identity of the applicant. The second document at Lite lending company can be for example a passport, driving license, credit card, firearms license or other documents.

If you are at least 18 years old and have some, at least minimum, regular income that you can prove to non-banking company Lite lending company, the loan may be yours.



An advantage of a non-bank loan may be that the financial applicant’s financial history is not verified in the banking register. This non-bank loan without a register is thus available to those who have some outstanding liabilities with a bank.