FACILITYtwin brings your assets to your fingertips. It transforms productivity, risk, cost and flexibility outcomes, by contextualising asset maintenance and performance data in a highly visual, easy-to-use mobile user interface.

An essential, everyday productivity tool

Beca has been making everyday better for facility operators for 100 years now, providing a range of digital products globally, supported 24/7.

Drawing on our rich engineering and project delivery heritage, FACILITYtwin has been designed to wrap innovation around your everyday business including:

  • Day-to-day maintenance and reliability activities
  • Capital projects
  • Production operations, including changeovers / turnarounds
  • Utilities management
  • Risk and compliance
  • Lifecycle Asset Management (LCAM)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 

FACILITYtwin is an essential tool that assists with every day operational and asset management activities by providing ready access to a range of key information, without interfering with your regulatory processes and systems.

Striking Business Case

Benefit from 10% improvements in time-on-tools and facility productivity (e.g. changeovers), more than 3% reductions in capital outlay, reduced risk and increased plant flexibility, making the site more attractive for high complexity, higher value operations.

More productivity, everyday

Designed to wrap around everyday industry activities, FACILITYtwin helps the front line to plan and execute workflows with far greater certainty and precision, using smart interfaces. This radically improves 'right first time' task completion, reducing rework and providing a new perspective on decision making.

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Trusted delivery partner

Our niche digital, BIM and simulation expertise is backed-up by 100 years of engineering experience. We are here to stay and can be trusted to support your organisation.

Digital at Beca

Contemporary platform

FACILITYtwin leverages best of breed systems. It is platform-agnostic and has an impressive toolkit. Available on a range of mobile devices, it's easily accessible from anywhere, whenever your team needs it.

Digital twins

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