September 10, 2015

Celebrating Mrs. Paloma

By Margaux Claros-Cupino, Class of 1996

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L-R: Mrs. Torralba, Jill San Juan-Singian ’99, Mrs. Paloma, Tallie Corcuera ’96, Margaux Claros-Cupino ’96, and Annex Sta. Ana ’95


Mrs. Paloma turned 88 on the 27th of August 2015.  To many, Mrs. Lydia Paloma is simply known as the former Associate Director for Personal Formation of Woodrose from 1983 to 1995.  Since her retirement, she continues to serve the school as Personal Formation Mentor to numerous high school students.  To us, her former mentees, she is our beloved and very doting second mother who was very interested in our teenage lives – from crushes to prom dresses.  And of course she never forgets, even now that we are all grown up, to remind us to go to mass and confession!


Isa del Rosario ’15


We couldn’t let this milestone pass without celebrating with her and showing her how much we love and appreciate her for all the care, concern, attention, and wise advice that she has given us.  On August 29, while she was only expecting a visit from Tallie (Corcuera ’96) and Margaux (Claros-Cupino ’96), several alumnae came to surprise her with a food feast!  We had cakes from sisters Nina (‘05) and Aissa (‘01)Atilano, siopao from Natalia Lobregat-Olondriz (‘97), barbecue from Annex Sta. Ana (’95), pizza from Niña Santos (‘09), chapchae from Margaux, and drinks from Tallie.  An even bigger surprise is a photobook with a collection of messages and pictures from her mentees and friends!

enjoying her chocolate birthday cake

enjoying her chocolate birthday cake


Happy 88th Birthday, Mrs. Paloma!  We look forward to having you as the mentor of our daughters when they get to high school in Woodrose.

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