October 21, 2013

Bringing Chastity to Life

By Deanne Banares, Class of 2008

Jason and Crystalina 1

Last September 5 -7, Jason and Crystalina Evert, chastity educators and world-renowned authors and speakers on love and relationships, visited Manila and Cebu to give a 3-day talk series on the beauty of chastity, purity, and modesty. A total of 20,000 teenagers, yuppies, parents, and educators attended the various Real Love Revolution 2013 talks spearheaded by the iKeepLoveReal – I Am S.T.R.O.N.G. group, in cooperation with various like-minded organizations.

The tandem-couple, under Jason’s leadership, began each talk with a prayer.  And, with this prayerful tone, they threaded and wrapped the powerful message of chastity.  One could feel the Holy Spirit moving minds and piercing hearts with each arrow of truth that was thrown at the audience.

Gifted with the ability to humorously capture profound lessons from ordinary events, Jason gave life to the meaning of chastity.  There was nothing abstract about the way he started tackling the topic.  It was as concrete and as real as the man he carried on stage.  Suddenly, chastity was no longer this drab, ancient, boring thing that is just so burdensome and out of place in this modern world.  It began to unfold as something worth fighting for. As the audience listened with intent interest to his stories and explanations, it seemed that silently, questions were being answered, hungry hearts were being filled and personal walls were being broken down.  It was a thrilling experience.

Jason’s words hit the mark at many levels, and from different angles.  He spoke about how modesty means more than just covering body parts. That it is about respecting oneself, showing genuine concern for others and inspiring men to appreciate women beyond appearances.  He reminded the ladies that, “…dressing modestly does not mean you dress in a way that’s dumpy or unattractive. It just means that you’d rather draw attention to what matters most: your dignity.”  He exhorted the men to rise up to the challenge of manliness, stressing that manliness is not about conquering women for oneself, but rather about conquering oneself for the sake of the women. With positive humor, he drove home the point that chastity frees us from being a slave to our passions and emboldens us to rise up to the demands of genuine love.

Jason and Crystalina 3

Complementing Jason’s talk and drawing precious lessons from her past experiences, Crystalina’s words served to soothe the wounded hearts of those who have fallen and are yearning for second chances.  “Anybody can start over because our God is a God of second chances”, she ardently reminds her listeners. As someone who has come from the other side of the fence, Crystalina gave an honest and moving testimony to the value of saying yes to self-respect and to authentic love. More importantly, she was able to powerfully impart the reality that it is only through God’s love that complete healing is to be found.

Together, the Everts gave this valuable advice, “Instead of running around and looking for a significant other, run towards God and then after a while, see who’s running beside you.”

Visit chastityproject.com for more information.


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